So, have you heard about this trustee nut? She’s upset because her twelve year old son was singing the Bubba commercial jingle and he said he wanted one of the Don Cherry Bubba cans as a collection. She thinks that Molson’s catering to kids with a stupid jingle. How are you a school trustee? First of all, your kid didn’t want the beer, he wanted to sing the song (as every annoying kid should) and have one of the cans because it looks “cool”. He didn’t want to drop out of school and start drinking heavily because of the horrible example that Don Cherry set. If you want to be that over-protective of what your children are exposed to, why don’t you stick duct tape over their fragile little eyes and lock them in their bedrooms. If you ask me, you need to teach your kid that drinking at the age of 12 isn’t a good idea if you don’t want them to start drinking at 12, not ban beer commercials (where they aren’t even allowed to drink it) that are supposed to be funny and catchy and make you remember “Molson Canadian Lager Beer” once you hit the Beer Store. No one can say or promote anything with out incredible over-reactions from at least one crazy nut. Nellie Pedro, you’re effin’ crazy!

Author: Ian

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