Dead Taste Bud

Tongue     It has been a tiresome week. Tuesday morning we awoke to a very messy Cricket as she’d contracted some sort of bug which caused her to empty her intestines on the carpet right before bed and then in the middle of the night. Having already had a vet appointment booked, under the advice of Brianne’s Mom, we just waited until then to get her checked up. (If she’s happy and there’s no other effects, than don’t worry about it until later on.) Then the next night, same deal, only it was noticable at 3am, so we were up cleaning and dog bathing and all of that fun stuff that you just love to do at 3 in the morning. So back to the vet we went, got some pills, (I’m guessing it’s got that yogourt bacteria in them) and this morning she’s back to solid waste. Excellent.

     I have a dead taste bud. Or rather a dying taste bud. I tried to look it up online to figure out what’s up with that and I got nowhere. I did find a whole lot of people complaining about having inflamed taste buds though. One girl got three in a week and was wondering if it was because of her birth control pills. 3 in a week would suck ass.

     Lots of people come here looking for a reason or cause for their inflamed, dead or dying taste bud. All I can tell you is that I typically get about five of them per year, usually it happens when I eat a bunch of spicy foods. Sometimes it happens when I eat a lot of sugary candy, or if I drink something really hot and burn my tongue. I think it’s like the taste bud’s reaction to some sort of overload, but I’m no doctor. According to some other sources it can be caused by stress. I can tell you that they are annoying and that ripping them off your tongue can cause you to bleed. I saw a guy in shop class do it. Pretty gross. Same guy who refused to let go of my car when I was trying to leave a bar and then he rolled along the street and they had to call an ambulance… but that’s a completely different story. I find it’s usually best to wait out the few days that it takes and by the last one you’ll be able to bite or pop it off. It’ll feel so good. According to some other sites, you can use the stuff that parents use on their teething babies to give you a little relief. I’ll be praying for your tongue.

     Big project is entering testing and mucho-moro-busy stage. Fun fun!

Author: Ian

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