Bah! I can tell you some things. One of those things is that it is not fun to bathe a puppy at half past three in the morning. I’m sure Brianne can tell you things too. Such as, it’s not any fun to clean up a messed crate at half past three in the morning. Although, I’m quite sure that that’s not fun at any hour.

     This is the theory. We figured that we had it licked. 1st step, let her only drink bottled water, because we figured that it was water from the tap. Unfortunately that theory has a hole in it in that the dog, once completely quaranteened, came back with more diarrhea on nothing but food and bottled water, no outside food or treats or water or anything else. Now she’s back at it again after we’ve changed her food from IAMS Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy to Nutro Puppy Lamb and Rice. The reason being the protein in the Eukanuba is chicken and some dogs’ stomachs don’t like it after time.

     Stephen, the landlord who’s wife is the breeder we got Cricket from, suggested that maybe it is a bug and since we’ve put her on drugs each time it’s happened, her immune system couldn’t process it, instead it’s just sitting inside her stomach mutating. I’m not sure if he’s any sort of an officionado, but it’s another perspective theory to look into. The main down side with that one is that it’s very unplesant to clean up these messes. If that were the case, I think we would have to build her a shed outside, fill it with shavings so we just have to pitchfork out her mess. Perhaps we could let it go with that and the vet’s very first incling to fast her. That way we just give her water for a few days while she fights the bactum. Again though, we’re not sure it is that. It might just be an additive in her food that she’s just rejecting, it could be in all foods and we’ll have to serve her mashed peas or something.

     I’m going back to bed now for a hopefully uninterrupted two hours before I have to get up and face what will no doubt be a grumpy day. No sleep = grrr.

     How was your trip Mom!?

Author: Ian

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