A reading from the book of Fecius… And God said let there be solid dungial matter for all four legged creatures, small and big. And it was so.

     Drugs wore off and (so far) we’re still solid. Only time will tell if it’s for good, but the more sleep we’re actually allowed to get because the dog’s not poopin’ her crate, the better.

     Extremely busy weekend just past. Firstly, Tom and I went golfing at Streetsville Glen. Pretty good course and by the end of the day we were only a couple over par, rather then 10+ over… per hole. Our long game’s not accurate enough and our short game doesn’t have enough “oomf” to get you to the hole ever time. But the most important part is that we had fun.

     Friday night, Brianne and I jumped in the car and drove out to good ‘ol Woodbridge where we met up with the 10 year old gang members. I was wearing my PornStar shirt and aparently they live a sheltered life up there, because they were all shocked to read it. I even got “THAT GUY’S WEARING A PORN TOP!” from some kid. The movie was pretty funny. Ended up seeing Bruce Almighty. It’s one of those movies that you watch and then say to yourself, what the hell just happened? Where did that two hours go? My life has not been enriched, but the endorphins that I have been generating while laughing seem to have left me in a good mood. Y’know?

     Saturday we cleaned up our joint, then Brianne’s parents came over for her Mom’s birthday and Dad’s father’s day. Then Tom and Greg came over for a while and I made my very own foolish wings. They were pretty hot too. I don’t think I mixeds the sauce well enough though, because some were hotter than others.

     Sunday we went to my parent’s place for dinner and a visit, but to enjoy the lovely afternoon, we went out on Tom’s boat first. We were on Lake Ontario and there were all of these shiny things in the water that looked kinda like feathers. Turns out they were all dead fish. There must have been thousands of the things. Pretty gross stuff.

     Today was a pretty busy day and it’s not over yet. Brianne’s going riding and Paul’s monitor broke so I’m dropping off an older one from work that we’re trying to sell for a trial run. Then I’m anticipating a long walk around the barn with the Crick.

Author: Ian

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