Been a while since I’ve written. Haven’t had any time to write to myself, my family, my friends. Life is very busy. I think I’d be happier if there were more hours in the day. Well, maybe not happier but more productive. If there were more hours in the day I could take that extra time to myself, give extra time to everyone I know, and give my life’s work more concentration. The only real trick that I know is to take the time you don’t have. I know that might sound far too campy, but it’s true. You have to take the time, blow off something, to just sit, relax enjoy your stolen time. Walk your dog, sit with your girl, guy, whatever. Enjoy each other’s company, remember every moment, because every new moment is always the best one that you’ve ever had.

     Now you might be thinking to yourself; self, what the hell has gotten into that guy? He’s usually more of a humourist than a knob. That’s it, I’m outta here! Well, before you go, you should check out the gift shop.

     So what’s new and exciting? I’ll tell ya. On Sunday, Brianne, Tom and I went to Woodbine to waste some money, but we actually came up pretty good. We left with just over a bill and came back only twenty dollars lighter. When we walked in, I can’t even remember who, but someone said Bob and we agreed that if there was a horse named Bob, we’d bet on it. Sure enough upon purchasing our tickets (which the lady gave us $30 change, when she should have given us $10, so we were already ahead) and our program, we found that there was a Spongebob in the 6th, so sure enough, we bet on him to win. Sure enough, our $2 turned into $20! So, I figured that’s that, we’re not gonna make us any more, and let’s just spend our winnings and leave it at that. But no, we were in for some more of Lady Luck’s grace. We took a hop skip and a jump down to the slots and Tom and I started to play the dollar machines. Now usually when we grace the slots with our appearance we aim straight for the quarter machines. Quarter machines last longer, but we wanted to loose what we wanted to loose quickly so that we could watch the Queen’s Plate race. Unfortunately for Woodbine, we ended up winning some dough. I got myself $50 and left with $40 of my initial $5. Tom won himself $40 off of his initial $10 and left with $10. Considering we usually lose money, this was a pretty good deal.

     In other news, much to Ailise’s shagrin, Tom’s purchased Greg’s fine automotocycle. He’s taking lessons and getting properly trained in stunt cycling. Psyche!

     In dog news, Cricket visited a new vet and he’s diagnosed her with a mad ass case of Giardia (which is what Leslie from the barn told us a couple days after this whole ordeal started). Giardia is also known as beaver fever. It’s basically a group of about five parasites that cause narsty diarrhea in humans and animals. I do seem to remember a long while ago while I was in Scouts and they told us not to drink the water because I suppose that there was some sort of beaver fever epidemic. So anyway, she’s on more drugs, but now she’s been vaccinated for it. They’ve told me that most dogs, if they’ve been so privileged to not to be exposed to giardia at an early age, like our friend Cricket, will be immune to the adverse effects of these pesky little beaver hopping parasites. Cricket’s case started when the weather started to get warm (she’s had this nonsensical colon problem for over a month now). We’ve come to the conclusion that it’s those loveable muskrats that are living in the pond here that have passed it on. The doc says that she’s going to be on a high dose of metronidizol for the month then a booster to cap it all off. Here’s hoping that this solves all of our poor pup’s problems.

     That’s it for now, never enough time, stolen or otherwise…

Author: Ian

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