I talked to the lord of the land last night and he said we’re not allowed to have an air conditioner because it sucks too much juice. He wants $50/month if we want to keep it. What kind of crap is that? The last place we rented at, they gave us a free air conditioner and we got to use it non-stop because they heated the building like satan lived there. So I talked to the all knowing father figure, herein known as Dad, and he said that it was stupid for him to try to charge us $50/month. We did the math and figured out that it would cost $20/month if we ran our 630Watt air conditioner 100% of the time. So we’ve sent him an email stating that he should go away. I think I also want to get some contractors into the place to check out the windows and give me all of the blurbage about how poorly insulated the place is. That way I can say; “It wouldn’t even cost $20/month, the problem is that this place, from the front door to the attic, is so horribly insulated that the cool air just falls out. If you want our $20/month, fix the root of the problems (the missing screens in our windows, the lack of control of the heat, the drafty seals on all windows, doors, etc…) then we’ll talk.”

Author: Ian

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