I need to vent. I just picked up my mail from the loverly Ontario Court of Justice. They figured that it would be a good time to let me know that I owe them $110.00 for failing to drive a safe vehicle at the end of August last year when the whole hood fly up incident happened. All in all, I suppose it could have been worse. I am terribly angered at the lack of service from X-copper Legal Services though. Not once did I ever get a phone call from them telling me that my trial date had been rescheduled. All they did was cash my cheque, push back the date and that’s that. I didn’t get any explanation about how the fine would have been $500, so $110 is getting off easy. I didn’t get a; hey Ian, sorry bud, we tried our damnest, but that judge was a big huge jerk.

     It’s over now. That’s good. Makes me happy…ish.

Author: Ian

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