Have you heard about this thing last week in cottage country? Aparently in the middle of the night, this little kid and his buddies snuck out of their parent’s place to play chicken on highway eleven. He runs to the middle of the highway, then back to the curb, but on his way back, he gets hit and dies. The driver of the car drives off. The next day the driver of the car, a seventeen year old male, hears the reports and figures that it was probably him, so he comes forward.

     Here are my problems with this story. First of all “chicken” isn’t played this way. Chicken is played by two people/vehicles/bikes/etc going full steam at each other, whoever swerves first loses. It’s a really stupid game, yes, but that’s chicken. What he was playing should have a different name, like “Guts ‘n Glory” or something.

     My next issue is the fact that anyone could be this stupid. I know I had my fair share of stupidness, but this is just plain dumb. I always did my best to stay away from fatal games, especially at the age of 11.

     Now that this kid has come forward, they better not touch him. His crime is fleeing the scene, but there’s only a scene if you know it’s there. If you have no clue (polygraphy the kid!) then there’s no way that you fled anything, you just kept driving.

     Doesn’t this look like a story right out of Sim City?

Aging plants ‘jeopardize’ Ontario’s electrical future

Jul. 17, 2003. 03:27 PM

Canada’s aging nuclear power plants will either have to be shut down within 15 years or cost up to $20 billion to keep them producing electricity, a report by an anti-nuclear group says.     [Full Story]

Author: Ian

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