So Tuesday we took Cricket to the vet again. And we left there fairly ticked off. This vet at Glen Erin and Britania in Mississauga charged us incredibly high prices and she hardly did anything. Usually the “shop” fee for Cricket is about 30, or less. She didn’t even look at Cricket and she charged 47 for that. Then she gave us more metronidizol which at the last place cost under $13 for 30 pills. She gave us 10 pills for $25. Then (she’s exploring a food allergy here by the way) she gave us hypoallergenic perscription food for $38 for a 8kg bag. We walked out of there having spent $133 for a bag of food and an opinion which we had already come to with the help of Leslie from the barn. What crap.

     Hopefully this food change makes the difference. I really don’t mind paying more for the food ($65 for a big bag compared to $45) if it means not having to clean up a crappy dog at 3am. It would be really nice to have this fixed. Not betting any money on this solution though, as nothing seems like it will ever work. I’d love to be wrong.

Author: Ian

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