Home-seeking Hover

     So I answer my phone and it says that it’s Brianne’s parent’s house calling which is odd because they’re supposed to be out of the country. It’s Brianne’s uncle Paul who tells me that there’s a dog in the backyard that looks kinda like Hoover, Brianne’s parent’s bichon frise, but he’s not sure and asked if Brianne could come take a look. Brianne was at the barn, so I darted on over, sure enough it was Hoover, without collar or tags. Near as we can figure, he’d been tied up and escaped, then not knowing where to go, headed home. Brianne’s parent’s neighbours found him and guided him into his backyard and then gave Paul a call. So now Hoover’s sleeping under my desk and Cricket’s sleeping beside me. That’s two too many dogs. 😉

Author: Ian

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