Well hurricane Isabel is on it’s way, so far it’s just kinda windy and I’ve been told that it’s been downgraded to a tropical storm. Halton closed schools and cancelled busses last night in a panic, but I think they just let the media get the best of them. It doesn’t look that bad out at all yet. If all we have to expect is a little bit of rain, then whatever, no biggie. I was talking to one guy at the barn last night and he was saying that before hurricane Hazel which is what everyone is comparing this to, it had rained for about a week. We haven’t had any rain in a while, so there’s lots of room for this giant soaker to be soaked up. Good stuff.

     Cricket’s still doing good and I’m going to put her bed back together this weekend as there isn’t as much of a risk of it being toxically destroyed anymore. I’m sure she’ll appreciate it, even if she doesn’t say anything.

     Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go…

Author: Ian

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