Hey y’all! Long time, no read. So, how’s it going? I’ll tell you. Took Cricket in today to get spayed, she’s doing well, but has to stay overnight. I miss my ‘lil lug. 🙁 Get her back tomorrow after 4:30pm. She’s doing good. Today I got a whole lot of work done on my webmail program. It’s still not perfect and it doesn’t like POP3 very much yet, but it will handle IMAP accounts really well. Let me know if you want to test it out for me. It would really aid in the “I know what you need” and quicker evolution of the project. Mom, Dad, Stu, I’m looking in your general direction… Prepare to be conscribed. 🙂 Anyone else is welcome too!

     Off to hay and water. Have a good one!

Author: Ian

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