Well we picked up Cricket this afternoon and she’s doing fine. She’s wearing a bandage around her mid-rif to prevent her from accessing her stitches. She’s pretty tired which is good because she’s not supposed to do anything active while her stiches are healing. She seems happy and I don’t think she has any clue what went on, I think she just assumes that she was put in a kenel overnight, like a sleepover. 🙂

     Just got in from watching Cold Creek Mansion. Pretty cool movie, but again, I like everything. I don’t however enjoy going to the movies. Too many kiddies out there with nothing better to do. I think every time I want to go to the movies I should put $5 in a jar. Then get a home theatre system when the jar gets full enough. Maybe not. Maybe I’ll just get some ear plugs so that I can’t hear them insulting the flick.

Author: Ian

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