Hmm, it’s been a while. So, what’s up? Well, I bought 12 computers and sold them mostly to the company, and some to friends and family that were seeking a new lowly priced computer. Cricket’s doing well, but since I haven’t been bitching about her, then I guess that kinda goes without saying. This week was a trade show week and I was down at the Toronto Congress Centre. Crazy business that show business. I got totally cheesed off yesterday though because I left my badge sitting on a table while I was shrink-wrapping a skid and then some giant prick stole my 102.1 The Edge lanyard right off of my badge. What a jerk. I hope something awful comes down on him tenfold. It’s only fair.

     Today I did some wiring because we’re moving some staff around. I think I’ll have to finish up on Sunday because I ran out of time. My new gigabit network cards came in today. I first bought 3 D-Link DGE-510T cards and assumed that since the DGE-500T was supported by FreeBSD, they would be to. Unfortunately it’s a completely different chipset that no one will touch. It will work on Linux, NetBSD or OpenBSD, but not FreeBSD. Anyway, I just put those cheaper cards in my Windows servers and that worked fine. I ordered 3 Netgear GA622T cards and they seem to work fine (except one wasn’t working so I swapped it out). I’ll have to do some testing to find out if it’s the card or the PCI slot.

     My parents are coming over tomorrow, so it gives us an excuse to tidy the abode and Brianne’s looking forward to cookin’ up a storm. I’m looking forward to eating the rubble, so it all works out. I was also thinking that since it isn’t too crudley out tonight I might set the fire pit a-blaze, just to get rid of some sticks that are on the lawn. Perhaps roast a marshmallow.

Author: Ian

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