Well, there we go. I’ve got the connection upgraded at the office from 512kb/s decicated/2mb/s burstable to 1mb/s dedicated to 3mb/s burstable. (I just did some downloading and it’s going pretty damn quick!) I also took this opportunity to take advantage of the new release of FreeBSD. Version 4.9 is probably the last 4.X release before they deem 5.X stable rather than production. I also slapped another chip into the server so now it’s got 1GB of RAM and while I had it down, I took the 250GB drive that I had here not doing anything and put it in there too. So now I’ve got a whole lotta space, power and speed on this machine. Now I just have to play the waiting game for a little while longer while the home directories are being moved onto the new disk.

     Cricket’s having the time of her life at my parent’s place. She’s being walked around the clock and I’m sure she’s being spoiled rotten. I expect to get an incredibly tired dog back when I go to pick her up this afternoon.

     Last night’s party was quite nice. The costumes were much more elaborate than Friday’s party. I guess it’s got something to do with the fact that these people have incomes, compared to no income of the university students. We had some pirates, some space invaders, more of the living dead and we even had O-ren Ishii of Kill Bill.

     Woo! My copying is done. 205GB free. Ahhh, so soothing.

Author: Ian

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