I found this in a ad. Personally, I think she looks funny. But I’m not just going to leave it at that. I have proof that she’s funny looking.

Exhibit A) She’s staring off into nothingness. It’s a Christmas ad and as an educated consumer I can tell that she’s probably looking at the person who gave her a gift, but from this shot it just looks like she has an odd smile for no reason.

Exhibit B) She’s far too happy to have a gigantic laptop hurtling at her neck. I’ve never received a laptop in the neck, but I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t enjoy it. With battery in, those things weight like 10lbs.

Case Summary) While it’s not at all this lady’s fault for the horrible way they made her look in the ad, she’s funny looking in this context.

     In other news, the people who own the property next door have started with their driving large trucks around all day days. It’s pretty loud. They built a road last year and now that half of the property that we live on has no drainage. We’re dealing with some real rocket scientists here.

     Cricket is chasing the reflections that her dog tags are making on the carpet. It’s rather amusing. It also tells me that it’s a nice sunny day, but I’ve already been outside so I know it’s pretty chilly.

     Speaking of temperatures, I made some salsa last night. My last attempt ended up tasting like bruchetta, but this time I didn’t put in as much oregano. I think I did put in a little too much coreander, but it’s too late now. Aparently lime juice can counter-act that a little bit. Nice and spicy kick to the stuff too. I think I should improve the recipe and sell it on the black market.

     We watched Identity last night, now that was a pretty cool movie. It all clicks near the end and sends you hurtling towards the edge of your seat. Lots of turns of suspicion in the plot, makes it a real page turner. If there were pages to turn that is.

     And now, on with our day.

Author: Ian

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