I just re-arranged some things on the site, so that it can be betterly found in your favorite . The news page now is based on an error 404 which bounces you back to the correct script, but that means that when this site get’s spidered, it will correctly pick up the date that the article has been posted rather than the page which it was on before I posted things. It makes much more sense this way and looks pretty cool too.

     Another thing that hit me while I was doing all of those code updates is that this site has been inexistance for a long time now and stores 516 (this article included) articles over the last two years. Considering I’ve never really tried too hard on this site, I’m quite impressed.

     Last night was a lunar eclipse. Not much to see really, the moon was there, then it wasn’t. If you missed it, you can easily reproduce the same effect by looking into the night sky in the direction of the moon, and slowly moving your hand in front of your eyes, the moon will disappear.

     Tonight is the formal season premiere of . Apparently Homer’s long lost fugitive mother will be making a return appearance. As long as it’s not a Lisa based episode, I’m happy with that. They’re too annoying an preachy for me.

     Until next time, keep watching the skis.

Author: Ian

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