So yesterday, we sold off a bunch of old computers to staff at the office. These things went like hotcakes. They were Pentium III 500MHz with 196-256MB SD RAM. They were anything but fancy. For some reason, the people in this building will not believe me that these machines aren’t good. They think I’m joking. There is a reason that the computer lab folder here. These computers weren’t good enough to keep up with the courses we were offering and they weren’t all that good quality-wise either. Sure, these systems were all the rage in 1997, but when we got them in 1999, they were “decent” and now, they’re terrible. Especially if you consider the fact that for double the price you can buy a 2.4 GHz computer with all the same bells and whistles.

     Brianne popped her fish into her big tank yesterday. She’s pretty concerned about them, but she couldn’t find ammonia anywhere, so she’s run out of options for fishless cycling of the tank. Fishless cycling of the tank is done by adding ammonia so that the tank’s water will produce bateria to break it down. It’s hard on a fish to be in the tank during the cycle, because until there’s enough bacteria in the water, the fish is really living in it’s own filth. It’s all pretty interesting stuff.

     Stu’s birthday is on Sunday and Brianne, Greg, Shaheena and I are taking him out for his first legal drink at midnight on Sunday. Sounds like an entertaining evening.

Author: Ian

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