So Linksys sends me a new wireless router today because the new one that I got for the office never worked right. The is a nice little shrunken alternative to it’s predecessors versions 1-3. The one I got would only work for about 2 hours, then completely die. On Sunday I finally got through to their online technical support and they told me to RMA it. So I got the replacement this morning, but it was a version 2. Which would be fine if I felt like having a big huge wireless router, but I have it carefully located upon a ceiling tile in the lunch room, so I want it to be as light as possible. I think what they’ve done with version 4 is put a better transformer in the power supply, because the power supply is heavier. I guess that way they can make the unit smaller. Also the other thing I like about the version 4 is that it’s uplink is 100mb/s. The old ones only had 10mb/s. It’s not a huge deal because most people are only using them at home on their internet connections that are usually capped at 3mb/s at most. For me in the office though, I’d rather have a 100mb/s connection to the router. It’s just better that way.

Author: Ian

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