Don’t you hate crap? This morning I came into the office and there was an email from a customer that was having problems with their site which I’m hosting and webmastering for them. So I looked into it and something was completely stopping the perl script from completing. Since it uses perl and mysql, I figured I might as well try upgrading both of those. So I upgraded to 5.8.2 and to 4.0.16. Sure enough, once that was done it worked. Unfortunately though, since I’m running that stopped working because all of the perl modules were associated with perl 5.8.0 and now the working directories were under the 5.8.2 tree. Fortunately, I’ve run into this problem before. I tried to let do the work for me, but it got all screwed up and I ended up just opening up the amavisd-new and going through all the dependency ports and typing make deinstall and make install for each. Sure enough, once completed, restarting amavisd-new via it’s startup script, kicked her back into gear again.

Author: Ian

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