For the love of , please do not click on attachments in emails with broken english, and completely irrelevant filenames that you aren’t expecting. I just got an email that was sent about 6 hours ago from my ISP telling me that one of my addresses is sending out a port scan on port 445. So I was forced to tediously work my way through their router this morning instead of actually getting some extra sleep or other work done. How hideous. Anywho, I blocked port 445 so that they can’t use it and once they turn on their machines I’ll be able to tell using the access logs which machine is trying to access it incessantly. Fun stuff I guess, but it’s for reasons like this that I can’t get anything done on a schedule.

     Oh, by the way, if you’re interested, I successfully set up my ntp server yesterday, so if you’re looking for somewhere to get time from, you could always add me to your list. Server: To set it up in simply double click on the time in the bottom right corner of your screen and then click on the Internet Time tab. Fill the box with rather than the which is probably just spying on you anyway. Then click OK, or for the highly adventurous, Update Now.

Author: Ian

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