It’s nice to be back. I haven’t sat in the car on my own wireless access point in a long while. I’ve used friends over the last few month, but not the one at the office. It’s nice to not have to walk all the way upstairs. On the down side I don’t get to be on camera. Also on the down side, there is no bathroom in the car. Solution !

     In other news… At the office we have an running on a . I would be running but the hardware isn’t supported. I wrote a program that uses databases with a front-end and a back-end which pushes s through then out . It’s pretty nifty, but I was getting a lot of “No Response From Modem” errors. I figured it had something to do with any or all of the following. a) Some of the lines were attached to our phone system. 2) All of the lines were wired about 250 feet on rather than . or iii) The lines were almost all going to somewhere else (again about 250 feet of cable), as well as into the multi-modem. So I solved all of those problems at once by moving the server down to the phone room and making all of the wires shorter. Pretty slick. So for the first time in about 6 months, I had all 8 lines running perfectly. At that speed we can fax, successfully, about 2000 people during one day.

     Put up some Christmas lights today in an effort to get festive. And now, for some haying and watering, which isn’t something completely different.

Author: Ian

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