Well! I got test done today. Once again, passed with hardly any emissions. The guy who cashed me out complimented whoever takes card of the vehicle. Then I went to get a new plate sticker at the . No problems with that either. Good stuff.

     The mall is also where our PO box is so I was going to check mail while I was there. But little did I know that there’s now a sign on the closed doors of the unit formerly known as the Postal Zone that the post office had closed permanently. What crapola! So I had to drive accross to 25 Brown Street which hosts a full post office, complete with a 25 minute line-up. I had to get to a meeting which I ended up missing. I wonder where the mail is going to go now. If they force me to change my address, I’m going to bill them for the time it takes me to call everyone who has my old one, also for the time it takes me to get my new PO box where ever it ends up.

Author: Ian

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