So what’s new? Well, we’re kitty sitting for Greg. Little Goober is an eight month gray kitten. She took to the place without being even slightly phased. Firkin and her play together and Sneakers hisses at her. Cricket’s just happy to chase another animal around the house.

     It’s been a nice relaxing weekend, we even added today to it. Got Christmas shopping nearly completed and got some nice serious relaxing done. I’m really looking forward to next week. I really need a vacation. I never thought it was possible to need a vacation, but I now know that you can know when you need a vacation as opposed to just being able to know that you want a vacation.

     Kathy just came over and told me my dome lights were on. I think one of the sensors or “the” sensor is busted. It’s randomly coming on and off. I took out the fuse so there’d be a battery to wake up to.

Author: Ian

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