Now pay attention class! It’s Christmas time in the city. started playing their coolest brand of Christmas carols yesterday. The one I love is . It’s a great tune. I’m glad they don’t do that thing that 98.1 does. It’s them right, the ones who play any and all Christmas songs that they can find starting in November? I think so. Ugh, such hideous audio. Makes me want to break radios.

     The office Christmas party starts in about half an hour. Gotta get going early to get a good seat. For my secret santa gift, I got Rob one of those Ginormous mugs from . It’s something like 3 litres. Costs $5.49 to fill it up. I figure it’s good for a laugh. One year Paul got a hot pink thong. No one really wants to know where that ended up.

     Anyho… ho ho ho!

Author: Ian

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