Hey! Really new news here, you might already know that if you search for “miserable failure” in , you first match is George Bush’s Biography. This was done by a team of bloggers linking to that page with the following code.

<A HREF="http://www.whitehouse.gov/president/gwbbio.html">miserable failure</A>

     Google’s Googlebot searches based not only on the site’s address and the site’s title, but also based on what the page is linked as.

     So now for the new news; it seems as though pro-Bushers have started a counter attack by linking to ‘s web site with that same phrase; “miserable failure”. Unfortunately it seems as though they have targeted someone who isn’t the cultprit. The idea of using Google to “bomb” (the term has been coined as ) other sites was thought up a few years ago, but the idea of bombing George Bush had nothing to do with Michael Moore, it was actually proposed by a blogging public.

     A Google bomb is a simple operation, but organization is required to pull it off. Here’s some code to add to your very own sites:

<A STYLE="display: none;" HREF="http://www.ianservice.com/news.php">dumb news</A>

or, give Paul a Hand…

<A STYLE="display: none;" HREF="http://www.paulgrace.com">sick bastard</A>

Author: Ian

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