Today’s Workout

10 min. run + 10 min walk on treadmill.

3 sets of 15 reps 95lbs bench.

2 water fountain visits.

     So we signed up at the gym and went out to work out today. Not the highest of motivations today, but instead we decided that since it was the first day we absolutely had to go. I didn’t do so good at my usual run, I should have peaked at 7.5mph rather than 8mph so I ended up botching my run, which isn’t good because basically that negates most of the work I did. I’m going to take it easier while I work off the hibernatory layer that I’ve built up here. Once I get past that though, I’m going for gold. Rocky style. Also, I need to make a concentrated effort to drink more water around the house and at the office. Not only is it supposed to be entering the dry season, but also it’s excellent for the metabolism. Perhaps that should be a New Year’s resolution, in fact, that’s one that’s almost keepable. I’ll just need to dig out a water bottle to sit on my desk and come to the gym with me. I missed the gym.

Author: Ian

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