Welcome to 2004! The year that music sucked is finally over! Overall this year, the musical creations of major artists that were released over the last year were overall, completely crappy. Take for example, the White Stripes, they have three songs and all of the other songs that they created sound exactly like those songs. It also doesn’t help that their label has spent millions of dollars on getting their airtime so there’s more White noise on the radio. Then there’s Hot Hot Heat. One word: Ugh!

     But enough about how terrible the music was this year. Last night we had planned to do nothing, but we ended up joining Kathy and her friend/tennant Jayne for a lovely evening relaxation. Jayne’s dog Scotty is some sort of dane/lab cross and he and Cricket get along really well. Not like Kathy’s slipper dog who would live a much happier life without either of those two around. It was a lovely way to ring in the new year, dispite the fact that we were late by a minute and missed the countdown on TV.

Author: Ian

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