So I’m sitting here on this grim looking Sunday morning, just doddiling around the internet. (which is owned by ) is reporting that Britney Spears got married to childhood friend Allan Alexander. She’s said it’s a joke and plans to annul the marriage. Sounds to me like another publicity stunt.

     I’ve also heard this morning that ‘s latest rover, Spirit, has successfully landed on Mars. It won’t be doing anything for about nine days, but NASA is excited. Last time they attempted this, the rover crashed into Mars because it confused the landing gear opening for landing so it turned off it’s jets. Spirit’s identical twin, Opportunity, will be making the 300 million mile trip in three weeks. They are equipped with microscopes, 8 cameras and all kinds of other cool stuff. Can’t wait to see more? Check for contstantly updated coverage.

     Another thing I’ve been doing this morning is listening to Archives on . Today is all about Radiohead. They used to not suck, it’s not a surprise they got a recording contract. For me, I haven’t liked anything since Kid A came out. They’ve gotten incredibly whiny, much like the rest of the rock that’s been drooling out of these so called artists lately.

     Stu and Sandy are back off to school today. The weather report is calling for 10-15cm of snow for Toronto, my guess is that there’ll be white-out conditions for at least part of the trip between here and there. My parents will be doing the cruising, so they just have to sit back and relax.

     Brianne’s out this morning with Kathy. Kathy’s looking at some new horses because she’s not getting along well with Mylo, and if there’s one thing that I’ve learned about horses, it’s that confidence is a very fragile thing that a 2000 pound animal can easily shatter. Speaking of shatter, one of the women at fell off the horse she was riding the other day when going over a jump. She landed funny and her ankle broke in two places and then because the bottom part of her leg couldn’t hold her up, her knee gave out and broke too. Debbie’s in good spirits, lying comfortably at home now, she ended up having to spend Christmas in the hosipital.

Author: Ian

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