I just got spam with the subject “New years soon, what are we going to do?”. How stupid are you people? Honestly, why would I open that crap up if the new year has already come and I don’t know anyone named Sally? Holy crudness.

     I just heard word from Stu that he didn’t get into the new program that he had applied for and the professor gave him the answer “no” after reading his work. I’d just like to say that that professor is a complete moron. First of all, you left a student sitting waiting his entire Christmas break for you to simply say “no” with no reasons at all. The least you could do would be to write my brother a lovely essay about why you wouldn’t let him into your program with all of the time that it took you to ink out those two letters. I haven’t met this professor but I can assure you that he’s an arrogant prick with nothing better to do than to toy with his students. St. Peter here can kiss my ass. Stu’s stories are nothing but awesome and even his other professor who has encouraged him on numerous accounts to continue to write and to submit his work to local papers, loves his work. If you ask me, this guy shouldn’t be in charge of admissions, he should be incharge of collating at Kinkos.

Author: Ian

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