Irish GrafitiAilise meets the Prime Minister     Last night we went to the airport to pickup Ailise. She went home to Ireland for the holidays. When she went over the summer she worked at a pool, and every time she started to get a bit of an Irish accent, they would laugh and call her names. Okay, maybe not, but they would bug her, so she ended up keeping her Canadian accent. Not this time my trout! She came back with a cute little Irish accent, that I’m sure will be gone in a few weeks, but it was fun to enjoy for now.

     While we were at the , by complete fluke, I had the 7200 Hungarian Fiorints that Tom had given me because he owed me a couple bucks. He figured it was about $25. If I had taken it to the in Burlington, it would have been $26. They change the exchange rate so that it costs you more to change money. One of the currency exchange booths in the airport was open, so I got it changed there (I figured it would be about the same rate and it would save me the drive to Burlington at any rate.) What they do there though, is honour the exact currency rate and then charge you a much smaller percentage on top of that. So I ended up getting $37.40 for 7000 fiorints. (They wouldn’t take the 200 because it was too small.)

     All and all, a most victorious day.

Author: Ian

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