At the end of every year, there are always interesting statistics to be heard. One of which is from . Apparently we recycled in record numbers last year. 96% of all beer bottles and cans were returned last year. I talked to Tom and he said he’ll be returning the rest once the winter eases up. All that glass provides a lot of insulation for his house. But seriously though, why wouldn’t you return your bottles and cans? That had to have been the best discovery every. “You mean, I buy the beer, and then drink it, then bring back the bottles and you give me money? Money which can be used to buy more beer? I’m sold!” They should do that with everything. It would increase profit margins around the world. “So you’re telling me that I rent the movie, watch it, then return it and you give me money back just for returning it on time?” It would work even better for drug dealers. “H-hey buddy, do you offer a needle returning policy?”

Author: Ian

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