And with a meow, she exits. The so called terror that we’ve been kitty-sitting is on her way out today. Goober is Shahina’s kitty and when she went to visit her family for the holidays, they needed a place to stash this ferocious feline. Brianne and I were a little aprehensive at first because Greg said that she was such a terror. When in reality, it turns out that she’s only a terror to them because they don’t have other cats to take the annoying kitten out of her. She’s been in countless fights with Firkin, probably about 5 a day that we actually see. (Click on the picture to the right to see one such encounter.)

     Today, as you probably already know, is Greg’s birthday. He’s turning that infamous international drinking age… 21. Things change when you hit 21. It’s like a magical age where all of the sudden, you start to get older. It must be why they made that the international age of adulthood. It’s like from that point on, you’re metabolism says, “hey, relax, there’s no rush to digest that food, just pack it on over here”. It’s also when you being to realize things that just never struck you when you were younger. Don’t get me wrong, you still think you’re invinsible, just not to the same extent as you used to when you were sixteen. You’ll realise other things too, like that when you go for a night on the town, every Friday and Saturday night, for three weeks straight, you’ll actually come to the realization that, you spent far too much money, and often, you’ll realize that you drank far too much, and if you’re really unlucky, you’ll realise that your belly has grown two sizes too big.

     To Greg: I leave you with this song:

When the weight of the world has got you down

and you want to end your life….

Bills to pay, a dead-end job,

and problems with the wife….

But don’t throw in the towel, ’cause there’s a place right down the block….

Where you can drink your misery away…..

At Flaaaaaaaamiiiiiiiiing Moe’s,

Where liquor in a mug,

can warm you like a hug

and happiness is just a Flaming Moe away…

Happiness is just a Flaming Moe away.

Author: Ian

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