Well that was just wonderful. Greg’s family took us all out for a lovely Japanese dinner at a nice Japanese restaurant called Memories of Japan. The cook cooked stuff right on the table and they had pretty good sushi too. I’m still looking forward to my birthday sushi though, full platter. This place was pretty cool because watching the guy make the stuff gave me lots of ideas for using the wok that Brianne’s Grandmother bought for us for Christmas.

     We also stopped by Brianne’s Grandma’s place today to drop off Anna Kernina for her to read and this was the first time she met Cricket. She’s not a big dog person, a little Hoover dog is good for her, but this ferociously happy pup was no match for her.

     Another to do list item that we got done today was fixing up Beth’s computer. She’s been suffering with low-speed high-speed internet for about a month due to an ex-boyfriend’s novice ability to make a network cable. Something wasn’t right. One quick fix and we were back to speeding along the information super highway. I also secured her access point because her sister uses a laptop with a wireless NIC, she had the whole thing open though so we closed it up so that no child pornography fans could be checking into their grossness via her access point.

     All in all, it has been quite the productive day and with this week, I expect to get little to no rest. Sayonara!

Author: Ian

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