Ahh, the relaxing Thursday. How wonderful. Brianne’s taken a break from riding on Thurdays so now to keep in the loop at the barn, she’s haying and watering. I’m using the opportunity to tidy up around my digital world and post a little news.

     I was playing around with my desktop machine and I noticed that I had an HTTP connection to sa.windows.com open. Apparently, according to some other dude’s ‘blog it’s tied into the search function of Windows XP. I think it’s horrible that all of these XP machines keep phoning home with all of their tasks. Everything from MSN startup pages to weekly time synchronizations. Big Brother’s watching!

     Tonight Tom’s buying me a drink for my birthay, so we’re going to a local pub. Sounds like it will be fun. This weekend is going to be fairly calm. One of my clients (now returning from busyness) has found a bunch of work for me to hammer away at. A co-worker of mine needs a little networking done and I think I’ll be jonzing for the gym. Sunday will probably be another gym day and then it’s off to Brianne’s parents place for one of Brianne’s Mom’s pattented home-cooked meals. My birthday is just an excuse to eat good food!

     Oh! Yeah, here’s another tidbit… Stu was on the radio today. listen

Author: Ian

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