Let it snow! It’s a raging snowfall out there, it’s gone from pretty light fluffy snow to sideways fuffy snow. It’s like a jellyfish attack. It’s peacefull yet gruesome.

     Last night Brianne’s parents had us over for dinner. It was great, big roast, Karen’s potatoes, and asparagus. Soo delisus. Since I’ve been working out hard, I love to take those occasions that are presented to eat as much as possible, especially when it’s more or less good for you food.

     Then, the coolest part of the night was the guest appearance of John Healey. He’s been friends with Brianne’s mom for a quarter to ever and he’s a pretty funny guy. He carries around this big bag full of stuff and last night, because he hasn’t seen us in a whole long while, he let us rifle through and pick one item each. I got a set of gators and Brianne got a water bottle. He also brought me a freezie and a crocus for my birthday (just items he found at Dominion), totally un-necessary, but if you meet John, you’d completely understand.


Author: Ian

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