New spam/hoax email just came into the office. A co-worker received the following message:

From: Dark Profits []

Sent: Friday, January 30, 2004 12:28 PM

To: [his email address]

Subject: Thank you for your order.

Dear customer,

We are glad to inform you, that your Sales Order has been successfully completed.

Sales order number: 3445096-01.04

Customer’ Number: 1333027

Amount charged: $149.95

Time of charge:

Product ordered: 1 Month Child Porn Unlimited Online Access.

Customer’ Email: [his email address]

Please note, that refunds are not available for this type of transactions.

Your credit card was charged by, it will appear on your next credit card’s statement.

Kings regards, Sales Department.

You can also cancel your order by phone:

call us +1 877 479 7378

     Upon further digging I found out that this isn’t the first scam sent out in the name DarkProfits. DarkProfits is a legitimate company and this is a disgruntled employee acting like an ass. The FBI has investigated them previously and found that they were perfectly fine. In the past emails have included other porn stuff, but this new batch seems to be the first that says they’re billing your card and has a number. I haven’t called it (and wouldn’t unless I had someone else’s line to call it from, or perhaps a payphone) but I’m asuming it would have something like give us your number and we’ll reverse your transaction. Other people who have received the same message get the same price, order number and customer number.

     I emailed the abuse address for the ISP who owns the IP it came from, but there’s nothing you really can do about this kind of thing. If you’re still suspicious that it’s more than a hoax, call your credit card company and make sure that there’s no new charges on your bill.

Author: Ian

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