This weekend was pretty fun. We hung out with Tom and some friends of his. Regretfully went downtown to a place called la Rouge or something. We were going to meet Vilja’s (Villiea) friend because it was her birthday. Apparently she was at a different club. Going downtown is just too expensive. Anyway, all in all we all drank a little too much and today at the gym, now that was painful. I can’t wait to get back into going to the gym. We kinda slagged last week because we were tired. According to the book they gave us, the trick is to have a gym buddy who will force you to go even when you’re kinda sorta not feeling like it. As long as we go at least three times a week, I’m happy, but lately we’ve been attempting to go more and it feels really good when we do. Just have to remember to feed myself a lot more, can’t be running on empty.

Author: Ian

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