Two Canadian TV shows have resounded in my week. The first; Coach’s Corner with Don Cherry. If you haven’t already heard, Don’s being persecuted for making some anti-french comments. He said that the visors are mostly worn by europeans and the french and he said that french immersion students should be held under for longer. Now if you ask me that’s funny, but it’s got a whole load of people in a hubub about it. For ass sakes. It’s a free country, free speech, he’s allowed to ruffle some feathers. The latest news is that Cherry will be repremanded and will no longer be “live” on Coach’s Corner again. I dislike all forms of censorship. If I don’t want to watch something, I’ll change the channel. I absolutely hate it when they show a movie on TV and dub over vulgarity. A movie was made as is, if I want to watch the movie, I don’t want to watch the altered version that you say is okay for me to watch. If I want to watch Don Cherry, I don’t want to have his comment stricken from any record.

     On a much lighter note, here are the top ten reasons that is a hilarious show.

  1. The father is hilarity at it’s best.
  2. Although I’ve never been to the prairies, this sounds like every crazy little story I’ve heard come out of there.
  3. The main character created it and he’s live there all his life.
  4. Mat class!
  5. Running jokes that go throughout the show make it worth watching every second
  6. Exposing the idiocy of small town police.
  7. Crazy people are set in their ways.
  8. Everyone has a friend like Hank.
  9. C’mon! They guy’s name is Brent Butt!!!

  10. And the number one reason why is a great show…

  11. Canadian comedy will forever rule the world!

     Watch Wednesdays on CTV.

Author: Ian

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