Went to Tony and Maxine’s place last night. I always find it incredible that Brianne and I get along so well with people that aren’t our age at all. We must be mature or something. Anyway, we had a good time.

     Today we went to the gym with Tom, he got the propaganda speech and tour. He also got a free week membership.

     Okay, this is crazy. The other day we were sitting on the couch and I said to Brianne that one of the more significant characters in the Simpsons should leave. Like someone who is performed by someone who’s not going anywhere. The Simpsons just finished and what’s that? Someone’s leaving forever. I must be some sort of useless television prophet.

     The Grammys are on. Outkast just picked up the best rap album of the year which he totally didn’t deserve. The two songs that they played from that album weren’t even rap. I mean they play Hey Yah on the Edge, and it’s tolerated. Remember the time that they tried to play that Shady’s Back song by Eminem? Not happenin’!

Author: Ian

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