All signs point to no… sugar that is. Yesterday I got a hair cut and I got to talking with Pat about going to the gym. He’s been going for about four months. He was saying that he asked one of the personal trainers at the Y about his gut. If you’ve ever worked out you know it’s the very last thing to be able to work off. The trainer there told him to cut out the sugar.

     I thought, that was pretty safe, I remembered back to the first time I started working out, I cut out cream in my coffee. Mostly because we started getting milk at work. Then this morning on the radio Jason Barr was going on about how he didn’t have any sugar or cream in his coffee anymore because he read that it had like 10 million % of your daily sugar requirement in it.

     I think today is the day. I’m cutting out the sugar from the coffee. Brianne tells me that this Atkins diet has the same kind of rules. No carbs. But Atkins was a fat guy, so I’m going to do what I feel like.

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Author: Ian

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