W’hoo! This is awesome. I was doing some looking around online because Outlook 2003 seems to be slow when connected to user’s inboxes. So I did a whole lot of research and what did I find? It’s really simple, the /var/mail directory on the server had to be group writable by mail, the user that /usr/local/bin/mlock (the locking process) runs as and then, BAM! I have never got to my inbox so fast from home. I emailed one of the ladies from work and asked her if that was better and she was amazed. So hopefully that will give a hand to the old dude in the office who was constantly having problems with his inbox. It also explains a whole lot with large mailboxes causing problems. A large mailbox would take longer to evaluate, then lock and then when it couldn’t lock, it would take too long so the connection would always time out.

     I’m working from home today. Wasn’t feeling great on Saturday, then we went to see the Vagina Monologues at UofT with Greg and Shahina and then we went out for Korean BBQ. I don’t know if it was staying up late or just being slightly sick and exposed to a whole lot of people that did it to me, but I’m feeling gross. Not weak though, thank goodness, I hate feeling all drained when I’m sickly. I’m just yucky and slighly cranky because of that, but other than that, I’m doing pretty good. Plus this mail thing certainly perked me up!

Author: Ian

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