Bullard has received the axe. That’s right, our “hometown hero” has been put on Global’s chopping block. I think it’s about time. I never really liked the guy and every time I’ve watched his show, I’ve been less than impressed. You watch Leno and it’s all lively, cheery and his monologue is hilarious. Mind you, in , they compare Bullard to Ed the Sock, who has the most horrible show I’ve ever seen. They also mention that Canadian’s don’t respond to Canadian shows like this. It’s true, I don’t think we want to see Canadian talent, even though we should support it. We’d rather watch the Lettermans, Lenos and Conans of the states with their bigtime guests instead of those Canadian people that we run into at the grocery store who are “famous”. Maybe we’re just not as starstruck as our neighbours to the south. I think we don’t hype up our Canadian talent, because we’re humble as a country, unlike the Americans who are in complete awe and adoration of someone who can read a script or sing a song that someone else wrote.

Author: Ian

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