Zend released a new version of their encoder today. It’s pretty cool, except it seems to not work with the old .zep (zend encoder project) files that I created with 3.1.0. Also, had to upgrade the Optimizer on the server, but they seem to have fixed whatever problems I was having with 2.5.0 in this release called 2.5.1. I’m a happy Ian. The coolest part of this new version is the expiration date. You can make code stop working after a certain amount of days. That way I can send out my code and if they haven’t sent me a pay cheque yet, it’ll stop working after X days. Mwahahah!

     Had a nice meeting with the guys that I’m working on a project for. Lots of work came out of it unfortunately. Also had a secret talk with the big boss and he said that there might be some restructuring coming around in the next week or two. It might suck, it might not, haven’t decided yet. In fact it’s not even certain that it’s going to happen at all.

     Nice snow isn’t it? They say it’s going to be gone by Friday. I think it’s going to be gone sooner though, with the sun, it’s already started to melt.

     It’s St. Patrick’s Day. Gonna hit a pub tonight for a couple drinks. It’s something that you just have to do.

Author: Ian

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