Mis-aligned truck on the 407     Check out this crazy truck. I spyed it while driving along the highway to work today. It’s rear wheels are not centred with it’s front wheels. And it’s not just the angle you’re looking at it from. I didn’t get a picture from behind, but if you’re behind it, you can see the left side of the truck and if you’re in front of it, you can see the right side, as opposed to a typical truck where you would only see the front of it or back of it. I was ammazed that it was travelling as fast as it was. The shot is backwards because I took it through the rear-view mirror.

     I heard they’re planning on scrapping the Drive Clean program in about four years. What was the point in all that headache if you’re not going to stick with it? Foolish government not making up it’s mind.

     I just used ‘s site:www.domain.name feature to try to search this site for the last time I put up something about Drive Clean so that I could link to it. You know what I found? Apparently all of my technical coolness that I set up so that the news page displays as /news/YYYY-MM-DD/ was completely worthless. So now, I’m going to have to find some time to get my page layout back up to snuff. I think I need to make some sort of symlink masterpiece to make things work and then I would have real pages instead of pages generating re-directs, which is what I guess Google’s not liking. Now that I think if it though, that wouldn’t be too hard to work.

Author: Ian

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