What’s up with all of this Dean Blundell Show talk? You may be listening to this weekend and heard something about Dean and the guys getting suspended and you might want to know what the hell happened. Steveo and some of the other guys of Jackass fame came into the studio on Friday morning. I missed the whole thing, but my sources say that they got all naked, swore a few times and peed on the floor. Aparently they guys from the station didn’t do enough to stop them so they’re in hot water now. Quite a sorted debockal. I don’t think it’s all that bad for the sake of the radio listening public though. I couldn’t have seen them do any of that. I’ve heard the word fuck a couple times in my life, a couple million more won’t kill me. At this point, I just hope that they don’t get someone crappy to run the show for the yet to be determined time of suspension. George Strobolopoulous and guests are a good pick, but Bookman isn’t all that entertaining in the morning. Listen Monday morning at 7:15am for all of the sorted details.

     I re-arranged my office so now you’re closer than ever!

Author: Ian

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