The fattest cat     Maximum surface area for minimal leg usage. That’s a pretty good summary of this picture if you ask me. I think that might just be what’s she’s going for. If she eats more, then she doesn’t have to stand when she eats. Perhaps she’s trying lie down without standing. If this is what weight-loss food produces, I’d hate to see this cat not on weight-loss food. I think the next step in Sneakers’ weight reduction is to limit how much food she gets. It’s not a diet if you eat twice as much.

     It’s been a movie weekend. Last night we watched most of Gothika and we finished it up this morning. It was good, but Brianne made a very good point, there wasn’t enough character development. It was like everyone was two dimensional. Then we watched School of Rock which was really good. Nice wholesome comedy. Currently we’re watching Intolerable Cruelty which I hadn’t even heard of, but is quite good.

     Tomorrow evening we’re off to Kathy’s place for dinner. I’m gonna have to bring the camera along and try to get a nice shot of Cricket and Scotty. It’s easy to get a shot of one animal but two in tandem is pretty difficult.

Author: Ian

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