The Great Buggy Accident     I think the buggy boys have gone on strike or something. They’ll refer to it as the great buggy boy strike of aught four.

     Well, a nice weekend is planned. Tom, Brianne and I are going out to London to pick up a couch from Ailise’s place and have a visit. We might even run around town like crazy hippies, but that remains to be decided. My parents are on puppy patrol, keepin’ the Crick entertained.

     I’m really looking forward to next weekend. It’s the easter long weekend and Brianne’s going to cook up a storm on Sunday for her whole famn damily. Even everyone from her Dad’s side is coming out. I think I’m going to be in charge of keeping the “come an’ get it” line in order. No budding Gramma. Actually, this will be the first time that anyone gets to meet Brianne’s cousin Joe’s girlfriend, even his Mom hasn’t had the opportunity yet. He’s worried that she’s going to be embarrassing.

Author: Ian

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