I’m glad every weekend isn’t like this one. It’s fun and all to go off out of town and have a good time, but it’s just too expensive financially and physically. I’m so drained today even after a nap, I still feel like it’s way past my bedtime. I don’t think the time change helped anything.

     Dispite the fact that it’s a short week with Friday being Good Friday, I think it’s going to be a busy one. I’m not really sure though, I just have one of those gut feelings. Although, it could just be that I’m tired.

     I’m not sure what’s up, but I can’t get to certain web sites anymore from home. On the dialup connection, things are slow and all, but I think something’s been changed on that’s making it not work for under-privileged people like myself. That really sucks to because I like that site. It’s inaccuracy is baffling, but I like it. which also always worked perfectly, doesn’t anymore either. I’m not sure if they’ve actually changed anything, or if something network-wise has changed. I’ll have to ask about that.

Author: Ian

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