Dirty water on a farm     I think there’s something wrong with the water system on the farm. Something about the putrid brown gunk coming out of the taps just makes me think that something might not be purifying in the system. Eesh, what grossness.

     Well, today as many people know is the anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death. Most people celebrate the 8th, as it is the day that he was discovered, but today was the day that he did the deed. It sucks that we lost this rocker and all, but if you ask me, I wouldn’t tell you that this event made a big impact on me. I was only 13 when it happened and I wasn’t all that into music back then. I was listening to on the AM dial and I was much more interested in who they were going to call and bother that day. Kurt Cobain’s music didn’t really enter my life until later on, the grunge thing swept through our schools and with it came the ripped jeans and the long hair. Fortunately I don’t have many picutres of that horrid fasion mistake. Anyway, over time, I’ve grown to appreciate and enjoy Nirvanaesque music. It sucks that he’s gone, but he was an artist, if he didn’t leave the way he did I’m not sure that he would have been happy with the way that people remember him. It’s like everything happens for a reason, and he had his own reasons.

Author: Ian

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